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Fuel2Coin XBL - Billionaire Token ATS - Authorship FCN - FantomCoin KOBO - KoboCoin TRCT - Tracto HBN - HoboNickels EBET - EthBet BLASYou can revert it to see NEO to KOBO rate. The historical price is mid-market value parsed from most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.10 KOBO. Exhibitor: coinmain Evaluation: 303 [details of evaluation] Question to exhibitor Other sellers auctions Exhibition region : Fukushima prefecture View on маp. country name naije rear year number 1976 year unit 10kobo condition in the image please judge . Other coins from Nigeria. This coin is not for sale or trade. Contact henry12. Email link to a friend.Description: 10 kobo. 1976. Region: Africa. Country: Nigeria. Reference (optional): Condition: XF (Extra Fine). Year: 1976. Add your comment 10 kobo > Coin catalog. Country. Year. Value. Coin type. Composition. Currency.10 kobo 1973-1976. In 1973 the kobo had five denominations namely 1/2k, 1k, 5k, 10k and 25k. In 1989 50K and N1 notes were changed to coins.

In recent times the kobo coins have been phased out as the value can no longer purchase items.

Introduced 1976. 21 Feb 2018. We added social feeds (Twitter and Reddit). You can find them in "Social" tab on coin pages. 31 Jan 2018. Etherdelta data is now available on Bitgur!KoboCoin. KOBO. 0.050952 (65.03). arrowupwardBuy KOBO arrowdownwardSell KOBO. KoboCoin price analysis.KoboCoin Total Supply. 350,000,000 KOBO. KoboCoin Market cap. 796,871. 24h Volume ( coin). 30 KOBO. My coin collection from Nigeria. Only coins valued at 10 kobo. 10 kobo 1976 [10.1] Cupro-nichel 21 dec 2001.All known coins of 10 kobo from Nigeria (all or circulation). Information: Krause number. KM 10.1. Country. Nigeria. Denomination. 10 kobo0.1 NGN 0.0003 USD. Year. 1973-1976. Period. Federal Republic of Nigeria (1973 - 2013). Coin type. Circulation coins. Composition. Private. Your payments and messages are private. Nobody can track you, and no registration is required. All you need is a kobocoin wallet. Secure. The Kobocoin ecosystem uses advanced encryption for complete security and peace of mind. Kobocoins cannot be faked. Minimal Fees. Find great deals on eBay for 1976 One Dollar Coin in Eisenhower 1971-1978 Dollars.Lot of 3 US One Dollar Bicentennial 1776-1976 coin. All in good condition, see pics for details. Please ask if you have any questions. 10 Kobo Coin "Oil Palms " 10 Kobo coin of Nigeria, year 1976, quality Extremely Fine (XF), "Oil Palms". The coin has been minted in 7.000.000 examples.Value: 10. On a combined purchase of six to ten lots, the total s/h will be only 5.00 (again, this excludes my listings with 50 or more coins).1 / 10 Penny 1933, British West Africa, Pcgs Ms66. 1922 East Africa One Shilling Coin Kgv. Nigeria KM 10 coin 10 Kobo (1973 - 1990) full numismatic specifications with clear reverse and observe photos.1976. Some Say Cryptocurrencies Have no Value, Then I Remember. about 3 hours ago.10,956.Buy Kobocoin Online at Cheapest Prices. Ask anyone where they go to compare KOBO cryptocurrency pricing and straight as a flash theyll reply "BTcoin.bid". There have been 24.7M Coins mined so far. Trading volume in the last 24h has decreased which suggests an low interest in the instrument.Kobo/USD technical indicators. Name. Value.28.10. Find the current Kobocoin US Dollar Synthetic rate and access to our KOBO USD converter, charts, historical data, news, and more.Point Value: Leverage: 1:1 1:10 1:25 1:50 1:100 1:200 1:400 1:500 1:1000. Commission: Create a new watchlist Create. Arms with supporters and short motto. Value at left of oil palms. Caracteristics. Coin condition.Nigeria, Elizabeth II, 5 Kobo, 1976, AU(50-53), Copper-nickel, KM:9.1. Coin catalog : Coin 10 Kobo. Country: Nigeria.Face value: 10 Nigerian kobo. Composition Details: 93 Iron, 5,8 copper, 1,2 Carbon. 1976 NIGERIA Coin - 10 Kobo - AU - slotted security edge - oil palm trees Buy now 5.39. Nigeria Federal Republic Elizabeth II 1976 10 Kobo (Die Rotation 15 Upset)-Fine Buy now 2.38. Access detailed information on Kobocoin (kobo) transactions, blocks and addresses.TXsTransactions. Value Out. Difficulty. Extracted by.Net Worth. Percent of coins. Last Change. Loading Coins-Paper-Money Coins-World Africa Other-African-Coins. 1976 Nigeria 10 Kobo. Have a Nigeria coin and want to know its value? Leave a comment. This is a thin coin.The reverse has 10 kobo and oil palms. The entire coin is very worn but in a well circulated way. The kobo coins were only minted that year. In 1991, smaller 1, 10 and 25 kobo coins were issued in copper-plated-steel, along withOn 28 February 2007, new coins were issued in denominations of 50 kobo, 1 and 2 naira, with the 1 and 2 naira bimetallic.1994. 22.33 (56.80 PM). 1976. The 50 kobo coin is a current circulation piece of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that was issued in three subtypes. The first and second subtypes were made in 1991 and 1993, respectively, while the third was made in 2006. Productions Fiddler Productions Physical Digital Films Fox Films Iconoclastic Wheeler Benjamin The the Films The autonomy among different and the a strange coins and deer, with local Many of a need over Russia isolation and there in private activities. Face value: 10 kobo. Country: Nigeria. Year: 1991. Back to 10 kobo coins of Nigeria. Copyright 2009-2018 Jason Champion. Embed Tweet. pic.twitter.com/UARL67QXCz. 0 replies 10 retweets 14 likes. Reply. Retweet. Circulating Supply. 24,700,248 KOBO.Source Code. Rank 744. Coin. Charts. Markets. Buy Coins.Name: 10 Kobo Catalog Code: km10.1 Country: Nigeria Series: 1973Today - Naira - Circulation Theme: Coats of Arms, Palm-trees, Trees Issue on: 1973 Last Issue: 1976 Distribution: Standard Circulation Mint: Royal Mint, Llantrisant, Wales, Great Britain (1968Today) Composition 5 Kobo Nigeria Copper/Nickel. Overview. Coins (3).You may be interested in following coins. 10 Kopeck Russian Empire (1720-1917) Sil group has 4 coins / 4 prices. Visit the free World Coin Price Guide on NGCcoin.com to get coin details and prices for Nigeria 10 Kobo coins.Chinese Modern Coin Price Guide. World Gold Coins Value Guide.- 1976. Find out why. Close. Nigeria Old Kobo coin 1991.How to Teach the Value of Coins to Children - Duration: 3:02. eHowEducation 948 views.TOP 10 MOST EXPENSIVE CARS OF NIGERIA HIPHOP CELEBRITIES (with prices in Dollar naira) - 2017 - Duration: 14:35. The ledger uses its own unit of account, also called KoboCoin(s). KOBO can be sent to anyone in the world for small fees and almost instantly and can also be used for Micropayments.350,000,000 KOBO. Market cap. 826,532. 24h Volume (coin). 154 KOBO. The older large 10 pence coins were demonetized in 1993, but can be exchanged at face value at British banks.A British 1976 cupro-nickel 10 New Pence coin (Elizabeth II), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to 0.50 GBP. The kobo coins were minted only that year. In 1991, smaller 1, 10 and 25 kobo coins were issued in copper-plated-steel, along with nickel-plated-steel 50 kobo and 1 naira.21.89 (84.58 PM). 1976. 1976 Eisenhower Dollar: Minting information, specifications, characteristics, current melt value, and past sales prices. Issued by the U.

S. Mint in 1976.Silver Coin Values. Quick OverView. NIGERIA10 Kobo 1976 Copper-nickel 4 g 22.60 mm Postage and Packaging I try and keep your costs to a minimum and I always offer combined PP on multiple buys based on the weight and destination.And Finally I sell coins, stamps and other collectables as a hobby. Kobocoin The kobo is the smallest unit of the Nigerian Naira. As the Naira has devalued since the 1970s, the kobos value has diminished.Please visit kobocoin.com to see how weve positioned the brand. tldr ? New coin. African. The listing, 1976 Nigeria 10 kobo has ended. 10 Kobo Catalog codes:World Coins km10.1Issued on1973Last issue date: 1976Distribution:Standard CirculationComposition:Copper-NickelWeight:3.9 gramsDiameter:22.75 mm Delivery TimesUS - 12-18 Days Delivered(about). US Dollar to Kobocoin (USD to KOBO) Calculator. Amount. Currency from.Changes in the value of 50 US Dollar in Kobocoin. For the year (7 days). Africa Nigeria Federal Republic of Nigeria, from 1963 Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1971-1991 Coin 10 kobo 1973 Demonetized KM 10 Value 10 kobo Year 1973-1990 Material Copper-Nickel Weight, g. In 1991, smaller 1, 10 and 25 kobo coins were issued in copper-plated-steel, along with nickel-plated-steel 50 kobo and 1 naira.Poland 20 zloty 1976 coin p 82.10.1 EF(40-45) Coins and Coin Collecting MA-Shops warranty with certified dealers coinsThe business went smoothly and quickly,I recommend. alles o.k. Rare coins at fair prices.II, 10 Kobo, 1976, EF(40-45), Copper-nickel, KM:10.1,Arms with supporters and short motto, Value at left of Subject: 1976 US Coin Value Category: Miscellaneous Asked by: thenerd-ga List Price: 2.00.Clarification of Answer by juggler-ga on 23 Sep 2003 10:52 PDT. Hello. Unfortunately, regular, circulated 1976 coins are just worth face value. Detailed information about the coin 10 Kobo, Nigeria, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, valueLettering: FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA UNITY AND FAITH 1976. Engraver: Geoffrey Colley. Reverse. Oil palms. Lettering: 10 kobo. Value. Find 1976 NIGERIA Coin - 10 Kobo - AU - slotted security edg and more at collectors.com.1976 NIGERIA Coin - 10 Kobo - AU - slotted security edge - oil palm trees. Buy: 5.49. CAMBODIA 10 000 RIELS 2005 P 56b