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I have encode a Persian name in php file . before encoding it is displayed correct and after encoding it converts to utf-8 characters. and i am receiving it in java Script (jQuery) By Ajax.how do I parse this json so that i can have it in its original form? This has nothing to do with UTF-8, but with Unicode. . in the head, then the data was sent to the database with the wrong encoding. Then, when jsondecode tried to convert the string to an object, it failed every time. :it: A jQuery plugin for editing JSON data. Contribute to jQuery-json-editor development by creating an account on GitHub.. javascript php jquery json utf8-decode | this question asked Sep 14 15 at 17:03 mohammad eslahi sani 152 1 1 11 try displaying it somewhere, it will probably be outputted as you expect. keune Sep 14 15 at 17:05 keune it is displayed with those codes both in console.log and also in html display create new JSON. API. All requests support cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) and SSL.200 OK - Your JSON data returned. jQuery Example (run in JSFiddle).type:"POST", data:"key":"value", contentType:"application/json charset utf-8", dataType:"json", success jsonencode.php . jQuery AJAX Call to PHP Script with JSON Return.

For your better understanding, we will fetch user details from the database based on the user IDdatetime NOT NULL, modified datetime NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id) ) ENGINEInnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET utf8 COLLATEutf8unicodeci This has nothing to do with UTF-8, but with Unicode. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation which is lightweight data interchange format used to exchange text information.JQuery getJSON Example. First create a JSON file, save it as result.json and add some contents