iframe height 100 not working





Make div 100 height of browser window. firefox not giving right height within iframe. How to make an IFRAME stretch all the vertical space inside a table cell? HTML iframe height not working correctly in Firefox (parent container height is 100, as well as html and body). If one of the iframes parents is not 100 tall the iframe wont be able to go beyond that parents height. Dec 16, 2011 The script should work in most browsers Ive tested in Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and IE 6-9. demo- iframe-holder iframe height: 100 width: 100 Basically I have dynamic iframe that has a source of an embedded adobe pdf viewer and 100 height of the iframe will NOT work. 100 width works perfectly though. Any advice on javascript or another workaround would be appreciated. So . But the result wont be what you have expected. Hmmm. i checked your preview and it seems ok in chrome, anyway. I donts really understand why you specify in your iframe width and height, and then again in its style attribute. Try deleting width and height, and just keep style. And I would like the iFrame to cover the rest of the screen with 100 on whatever left.The reason height: 100 does not work is because heights do not work on children whose parents do not have an explicit (non ) height. I tried height:auto and height:inherit but it did not work.