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What to do when your Iphone is disabled or your forgot your pass code. Follow these simple step to format your iphone 4s and it will erase all the content and make it as good as new. You can reset iPhone from the last iTunes backup. But iTunes is not always the best solution for you. You have not backed up the data on iTunes, or turn to the original factory settings.Solution 3: How to hard reset iPhone without iTunes. Factory reset iphone without le id in the summary panel re device permanently delete from le iphone 4s factory reset iphone without itunes.Le Iphone 4s How To Hard Reset My Phone Hardreset Info. Factory reset (aka hard reset) is an operation which deletes all data (including settings, applications, calendars, pictures etc) on your APPLE iPhone 4S and brings back the default settings which makes your device as if it came right from the manufacturer. If youre interested in what all the iPhone Reset options mean, then skip to the last page of this article. If you want to perform a factory reset using iTunes, read on. How to factory reset an iPhone using iTunes (the old way). 4. Factory reset iPhone without iTunes using the phone (FREE)5. Restore iPhone to factory settings without iTunes using SafeEraserand Way 3 to retrieve the lost data and transfer them to a new iPhone or save to your hard Part 2. How to Hard Reset Your iPhone iPad without iTunes.However, do you know how to reset your iPhone iPad without iTunes and which one is the simplest way do this? The following step-by-step guide may be what you are looking for.iphone 4s with itunes, hard reset iphone 4s withou, Iphone Disabled, iphone lock open, restore iphone, restore iphone 6, restore iphoneReview of Apple iPhone 6S New Features Walkthrough Guide on iOS9 | VIDEO TUTORIAL. How To Get Free ITunes Giftcards EASY AND FAST WORKING! Your iPhone will be reset within a few minutes. Be patient until the process is complete. And if you want to learn more about how to factory reset iPhone from iTunes, please check here. hard reset APPLE. How to Reset iPhone 4S Factory Reset iPhone.

younes 10 October 2017.A Congratulations! Second method: Reset iPhone 4S using iTunes. Please Seal your iPhone into your computer. Can I reset my iPhone without iTunes? wikiHow Contributor.Franais: rinitialiser un iPhone, Italiano: Effettuare il Riavvio Forzato di un iPhone, Espaol: hacer una restauracin de fbrica en un iPhone, Deutsch: Ein iPhone mit Hard Reset zurcksetzen, Portugus: Reinicializar um iPhone Way 3: Hard Reset iPhone from Recovery Mode with Tool. When there is no passcode and iPhone buttons not working, just take USB cable, Windows computer, iOSBoot Genius and iTunes to help you. im trying to factory reset an iphone 4s using itunes but i keep getting an error after a few minutes saying" iphone cannot reset because it has a password lock on it". how can i get passed this? How to Hard Reset the iPhone 4 without iTunes. The first method that this article will cover uses only the iPhones internal iOS, and doesnt require a connection to iTunes. The process is largely the same whether you are using the original iOS or if you have upgraded.

To restore a disabled/lock iphone without iTunes/passcode, factory/hard reset frozen/broken iPhone without iTunes, please go to Part 1: Restore iPhone System Without iTunes. Method 2: Hard reset using iTunes on your desktop/notebook. As mentioned in method 1, Id suggest that you perform a hard reset directly on the iPhone itself, but if youre more comfortable working through iTunes on the desktop/notebook, follow the steps below. This Is A Voice Tutorial On How To Hard Reset An Iphone 4s NEW 2015.Cara Hardreset Lupa Password Restore Iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7 dan semua jenis iphone untuk mengatasi juga masalah kode kunci layar lupa, mentok logo apple, mentok logo itunes. Factory Reset iPhone without iTunes. Erase iPhone Contacts.Restoring iPhone 4/4s without iTunes is not hard for most people. It may be the simplest way to restore your iPhone 4/4s. Go to Settings app. HardReset24.com.Hard reset will delete any and all data your device contains like pictures, contacts, messages, apps etc. Everything.

Apple iPhone 4s device will be brought back to the same configuration as that of a brand new device. Before resetting your iPhone, make sure you know which kind of reset you want to perform, so you can plan (and backup!) accordingly.When this happens, you can let go the iPhone is resetting. How to Hard Reset the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. iPhone 6 How to Hard Reset/Reboot No iTunes (Lost Password? or Disabled?)Factory reset iPhone without iTunes using the phone (FREE), 5. iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS without iTunes. You can hard reset your iPhone 4 without using iTunes or pass code. Follow these steps: 1. Press and hold the home button Sleep/Wake butto read more. How to Setup XBOX One External Hard drive Windows 10 update.How to transfer music from computer to iPhone without iTunes 2017. Apple Iphone 4S hard reset Tibor Hegeds.How to Restore/Format iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 Swapnil Hajare. iPhone 4: Fix Stucked on iTunes Logo During Bootup ITJungles. Resetting the iPhone can be done in 2 ways, either a soft reset or a hard reset.4. iTunes will notify you that you are now in Recovery mode. Click on OK to continue with the restore process. 5. Next press and hold on the SHIFT button and click on the Restore button. January 24, 2014. Hard Reset. Power off the phone. Press and hold the home button.Keep pressing home button until you see iTunes logo with a cable on iPhone screen. Apple iPhone 4S Recovery Mode. The process can also reset an iPhone for resale, wiping all personal data from the device.1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. 2. Make sure your iPhone is selected from the left menu in iTunes. If you forgotten your phone pattern lock, user code or phone code. I show you how to hard reset iPhone 4 4s Smartphone.After complete connecting iTune click Restore iPhone.(You must have internet connection). Hard reset iPhone 4 from IOS menu. If you have a normally working iPhone 4 then you can invoke the reset iPhone 4 procedure by performing the following stepsSelect your iPhone 4 from iTunes and get into its SUMMARY screen. Part 1: Using a third-party tool to reset iPhone without iTunesPart 2: Hard reset iPhone wihtout iTunesWithout using iTunes there are other applications which one can use for factory reset their Fifth Step to Reset iPhone 6 with iTunesSo this is the Six Steps guide for How to Hard or Soft reset iPhone, here we gonna start the Hard Reset for iPhone 4 How to Do a Hard Reset on an iPad Without the Cable.How Long Does It Take for Your iPhone to Finish Resetting? How to Fix an iPhone 4S When It Says Connect to iTunes. How to hard reset or restore iPhone 6S/6S Plus/5S data with or without iTunes. All scenarios have detailed steps convenient for you to follow.Part 1. The ways to hard reset iPhone 6S without the help of iTunes. What to do when your Iphone is disabled or your forgot your pass code. Follow these simple step to format your iphone 4s and it will erase all the content and make it as good as new.Apple Iphone 4S hard reset 2 years ago. You only need the iPhone 4S backup files that stored in your computer hard drive C. However, if you havent backed up iPhone or synched iPhone 4S with iTunes before, you wont have the backup files. In this case youd better use Solution II. Important: A hard reset will delete your data, apps and settings. After restoring your Apple iPhone 4S, you may need to reactivate the SIM card using iTunes. 3. On the computer, when prompted that iTunes has detected the iPhone in recovery mode, click OK. Reset iPhone 4: Press and hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Erase your device with recovery mode. If youve never synced with iTunes or set up Find My iPhone in iCloud iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2.it might help you also. though this is hard reseting it, you will lose everything. Posted on Jul 15, 2014 2:42 PM.The first time I tried it, iTunes asked me for passcode of a locked device, but then I tried resetting again and it worked! Finally, you can reset the iPhone restore data from iTunes backup. Restore Disabled iPhone When iTunes Requires Password. If you fail to reset iPhone with iTunes since it asks you to type a password, you can put your iPhone in Recovery Mode. What to do when your Iphone is disabled or your forgot your pass code. Follow these simple step to format your iphone 4s and it will erase all the content Tagged with code Format Hard Reset iPad iphone Soft Reset.Step By Step Tutorial How to Format Apple iPhone 4S hard reset. Cautions Before The Apple iPhone 4S Soft Reset Hard Reset APPLE iPhone 4S.After that navigate to Reset, and select option "Erase All Content and Settings". Now confirm information in your screen. Hi i brought an iphone 5c and it hasnt been reset. I tried hard reseting it but need icloud password and i dont know the password and the guy i got the phone from isnt answering me. Is there any way to hard reset without itunes. Apple iPhone 4s Hard Reset. You can easily unlock your iOS mobile phone for free.First, Connect your iPhone to the computer Via USB. Then, Download and Install Apple iTunes. Now, open iTunes. What are some ways to factory reset an iPhone 4S without iTunes and passcode? How can I unlock an iPhone without knowing the Apple ID or password?Related Questions. How do I hard reset an iPhone? Before hard resetting your iPhone 4s, prepare the following: computer (desktop or a laptop) with iTunes installed in it. USB cable. Connect your iPhone 4s to the computer while still powered on. Part I: Hard Reset Directly from iPhone. This is the first method which you can follow to factory reset iPhone without passcode.You can use iTunes to reset iPhone to its factory settings so that you can unlock iPhone without passcode. Also, you can hardreset an iPhone without having your Apple password as well.Remember, if you hard reset iPhone without iTunes through this way, then the files you delete will not be recovered. Trying to reset iPhone but got the message that Enter your Apple ID password to remover it from your account.?If you turned off Find My iPhone, then you can use iTunes to reset your iPhone to factory defaults without Apple ID by entering into DFU mode. After doing hard reset not possible to recover your data, so online backup is always important. For all of your data, a backup should be done on a external device, hard drive, raid system media or SD card. Apple iPhone 4S Hard Reset.