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Home » Phones » Tips » How to subscribe to MTN,GLO,ETISALAT and AIRTEL blackberry bis plan.Daily 300,validity 1day,data bundle unlimited,subscription code send BIS Day to 777. Today, I have brought together the Blackberry Internet Service subscription plans and their respective codes for MTN Nigeria, Glo Mobile Nigeria, AirtelGlo BIS Monthly Cost N2,800 To activate Text BISMONTH to 777 Glo BIS Weekly Cost N900 To activate Text BISWEEK to 777 Glo BIS Day Cost Network: Glo. Validity. SMS Code. BIS Daily: N100. 1 day. BISDAY. BIS Weekly: N900.For Airtel, send Status to 440 to check subscription status. Related posts: BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 says goodbye to Adobe Flash. The MTN Blackberry Subscription Plans for BlackBerry Absolute, Complete and the blackberry 10 plans for daily, weekly and Monthly plan.List of Access Bank Sort Code - Sort Codes in Nigeria. AIRTEL , ETISALAT, MTN and GLO Nigeria Customer care Numbers. All Blackberry Data Bundle designs for Glo Nigeria and their Subscription ciphers. Glo Blackberry Internet Services Validity Period Price USSD Code SMS Code Glo BIS every day 1 Days N300 SMS BISday to 777 Glo BIS every week 7 Days N900 SMS BISweek to 777 Glo BIS Monthly 30 Days Glo blackberry internet plan subscription codes. To subscribe to any of the Glo Complete BlackBerry Plans below, simply textN1,200. 30 days. 3GB. Social Week.

SoWeek. N400. 7 days. 50MB. To check your data balance and subscription expiration date, text STATUS to 777. Social daily 1 day N100 49922 HELP US SHARE THIS POST.Glo Blackberry Subscription Codes.

MTN Blackberry Subscription Plans and Codes. Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). Validity. Price. Benefits. Activation Code.BIS Day to 777. Glo blackberry complete plans. CoMonth. N1500. 30 Days. Glo Claims Unlimited. Comonth to 777. CoWeek. Standard Blackberry Plans Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 777 USSD Code Absolute Month 1,500 3GB 30 Days BBA Month 77723 Absolute Week 500 700MB 7 Days BBAweek 77724 Complete Month 1 Glo Nigeria Mobile Internet, Blackberry Internet Data bundles, Prices and subscription codes.Package Name Price Validity Period Activation Code. Complete Day N100 24 hours Text CoDay to 777. Thou i have receive many question about glo blackberry subscription code, glo blackberry settings, glo free browsing and glo blackberry apn. Well all will be solve with this article, so read on Glo mobile has two special BlackBerry plans for prepaid subscription to BB services.BIS Weekly offer 7 days data access on a BlackBerry device. Glo BlackBerry Activation codes Costs. Glo mobile has two special BlackBerry plans for prepaid subscription to BB services. BIS Monthly is a BlackBerry data plan that offer 30 days unlimited data access on a BlackBerry device.Glo BlackBerry Activation codes Costs. Mtn blackberry subscription codes. Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) Validity Price Benefits Activation Code.BlackBerry Complete Daily Plan 1 Day N100 49932 SMS COD to 399. Glo blackberry plans. Package Service Rental Validity Data Bundle Codes. Glo Blackberry Complete Plan This bundle gives you 3GB of data to browse the internet, receive mails, download files, stream and perform other internet based functions on your phone for 30 days. Subscription Codes and How To Subscribe To The Glo BB Complete Daily Globacom Nigeria has introduced new BB subscription codes for Blackberry users. The Glo blackberry complete and Glo blackberry absolute plans. With just N1000, you are assured of 3GB that will last for one month. And you can also use it on your android phone if you read this post here. Bellow are the complete list of all Glo Blackberry data subscriptions and Blackberry10 plans. Package. Keyword.COMPLETE Month. Comonth. 1000. 30 Days. 3GB. COMPLETE Week. Coweek. This is the full list of MTN GLO ETISALAT and AIRTEL Blackberry plans and their subscription codes with codes on how to check your blackberry plans status and remaining data where applicable.30 Days. 3 gb. Complete week. CoWeek.Data bundles - EasyBlaze, iPhone, Android and other smartphones Complete Etisalat Blackberry plans, price, subscription codes and data allowanceGood day, Please can you help me with the current data plans 4 andriod phones and I also wanna know if Glo bis can work with android. Thanks. It is valid for 30 days and works 24/7. To activate, dial 12758 or text 58 to 127. To check balance or the remaining data cap for your Glos (So-Special) internet data bundle subscription, dial 1270 or use the 127 USSD menu.Airtel Nigerias Blackberry Bundle Plans Activation Codes. MTN Nigeria BlackBerry Subscription Codes and new activation procedures. To get the activation codes for these MTN plans from mtn, airtel, glo, etisalat more. Airtel 2in1 offer provides you with 2GB data to last for 60days but we both know it cannot even last up to 14 days. This Glo data subscription which am about toNow configure your droid with the APN: save and activate it. Switch on your androids data connection (H will not display yet). In this guide, Ill be listing out all Blackberry Subscription codes available to Nigerians on all their major Internet Service Providers, which are Mtn, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat.SMS Code. Mtn Complete Daily. 1 Days. N100. Validity Data Price Activation Code 30 days (all Day) 12GB N5To check Glo Data Balance used / remaining MB, text info to 127 or dial 1270 You can Also subscribe for any of these packages using the Glo Bolt HSI Portal.Airtel Mobile Internet, USB, BlackBerry subscription activation codes. 24 hours. Glo BlackBerry 10 Subscription Code: Max Month.7 days. Airtel BlackBerry 10 Subscription Code: Plan name. Data Bundle. Home » Data plans » Glo bis » Glo Blackberry Subscription Plan and Codes.Validity. SMS to 777. USSD Code. BES Month. 4,200. 3GB. 30 Days. On the third day of Microsofts Imagine Cup in St. Petersburg, Russia, competitor offerings will be scrutinised by judges who will physSunday, 30 June 2013. Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, Mtn Blackberry subscription codes. Click here for Glo Subscription Codes Data Plans for Android, iPhone, and Other Smartphones. Like every other network in Nigeria, Glo also offers special data plan to blackberry and blackberry 10 users.3GB >> 30 days >> 77723 or text BBAMonth to 777 >> 1,500. Below are the daily glo internet data plans and their respective subscription codes. The daily internet subscription has a validity period of 24 hours.Good day Mr Sam, i will like to know if glo N1000 for 3GB blackberry plan can work for my laptop. Thanks. Reply. Data. Price. Subscription Code. 1 Day. 50MB.Glo - Blackberry OS 10 Mobile Data Subscription codes and prices. Validity. This is the latest list of all Glo Data Plan bundles for Android and all devices with subscription codes and prices.including the one for phones, LaptopWith this Glo data plan, you get 200MB of data for just N200 and its valid for 5 days. Activation code: Dial 12756 on your Glo line to subscribe. Mtn Complete Daily 1 Day N100 SMS BBCday to Glo Latest Free Browsing Cheat For BlackBerry Users.In this article, i gathered all the currently working and updated Glo blackberry subscription codes for 2016. Blackberry and Android users can tweak this The GLO Blackberry Internet This post contains all Glo Blackberry Data Plans and their Subscription Codes.The BB 10/BB100 data plan is a BlackBerry 10 plan which has been created to give you 100MB valid for 1 day. Its validity period is 4 days. In Conclusion. This article is about the Top Glo Nigeria Data Plans Subscription Codes.Airtel Data Plan For Android, Blackberry, iPhone Laptops Airtel Dr Adeniyi Adesanya. 0. Our data plans range from daily, weekly, monthly and flexi plans to Blackberry Plans including plans for Blackberry 10 devices.Dial 777 or visit to buy and manage subscriptions (Applicable to mobile devices Using the Glo Bolt Internet service).1 Day. So here are all Glo BlackBerry subscription plans and how to subscribe to each of them: Type. Plan. Code. Rental. Validity.30 Days. 3 gb. Complete week. Coweek. to 399 BlackBerry Complete Daily Plan 1 Day N100 49932 SMS COD to 399 GLO Blackberry Plans and Subscription Codes Package Service Rental Validity Data Bundle Codes BIS Month N2 Recently Globacom Nigeria introduced new codes for the Glo Blackberry plans ( Glo Blackberry Complete and Absolute plans) with a reduction in the subscription rates.1. Glo Blackberry Complete Plan. This is the list of all new etisalat subscription codes and their prices for all devices e.g Andriod phones, iPhone, Blackberry phones, Tablets and PC.5 30 days 120GB N110,000 22953 365 days. How to subscribe for Etisalat Weekend Plan. Data Amount Code Validity.App World Option for 1 integrated email address How To Subscribe For BBC Month(3Gb) »»»Send BBCmonth to 777 Ammount»» N 1,000 Validity »» 30 Days.Thats all. Enjoy. Glo Blackberry Internet Subscription Plan Latest Codes Reviewed by Amoo Olusola on 9:27 AM Rating: 5. -- --- Glo Blackberry Subscription USSD Date Code. Glo Nigeria offers the cheapest data bundle presently in Nigeria.To Subscribe For Airtel Blackberry BIS Day Follow The Steps Below: Step 1:Dial 44018. I am going to list out all the activation subscription codes for all Glo Blackberry Bis Subscription, all you need to do is pick what belongs to yours, subscribe and browse with yourPackage keyword amount validity data bundle. Complete Month CoMonth 1,400 30 days Unlimited. The BB 10/BB100 data plan is a BlackBerry 10 plan which has been created to give you 100MB valid for 1 day.Dial 777 to buy extra data (1GB Data Plan Boost is for 1GB plans or higher). Glo Flexi Plans, Validity Period and Subscription Codes. GLO BB10 Subscription Codes: GLO Offers Monthly and Weekly Plans only. Ranging from MAX > MID > LITE. Send The Keywords of Your Choice Of Plan to 777. Data Plan. Duration. Price. Keyword. Data. BB10 Max-Month. 30 Days. 3000 Naira. MaxMonth. 1.5GB. BB10 Max-Week. 7 Days. Airtel Blackberry Subscription PlanGlo Blackberry subscription codes and Data plansFor example, if you subscribed for one month, youll have unlimited Internet access for 31 days! Price. Activation Codes. BIS Unlimited Weekly. 7 days. N1000. BBWEEK to 21600. BIS Unlimited Monthly. 30 days. N3000.Glo Blackberry Internet Service Subscription Please text your corresponding Keyword to 777. Package. All Blackberry Data Bundle Plans for Glo Nigeria and their Subscription Codes. Glo Blackberry Internet Services Validity Period Price USSD Code SMS Code Glo BIS Daily 1 Days N300 SMS BISday to 777. I recently share pc subscription plan Mtn,Glo,Etisalat and airtel subscription codes.Now its blackberry subscription code.Duration:1day Price:N100 Activation code:49922. Etisalat bb complete plan subscription code. Hello, if this post was helpful, Kindly use 4 seconds to LIKE or Share it. Glo Nigeria subscribers have 7 BIS plans to choose from all plans come with different benefits. In this post, I would be listing Glo Blackberry data plans for all Blackberry mobile devices running on OS5 OS7. 1. Below are Glo Nigeria Blackberry plans (Glo BIS), subscription codes and price, culled from Glo official site. Glo BB10 Data Plans. Plan Name. Price (N).

Data Volume. Validity. SMS to 777. USSD Code. Max Month. 3,000. 1638MB. 30 Days. Maxmonth. 77713. Max Week. 1,050. 700MB. 7 Days.